Find out a little more about us and the way we work with our clients

We have a genuine interest in our clients business, we want you to succeed and we’ll go above and beyond to make that happen.

We’ll give you ideas, inspiration and we’ll connect you with like minded businesses, we’re all in it together to support eachother.

Technology has allowed SME’s to achieve efficiencies to be able to compete with the big end of town.

Gone are the days when it cost thousands to do this, nowadays SME’s can adopt technology by trialling it free and then only paying a monthly cost with no contracts and no termination fees.

We harness advanced video conferencing and screen sharing tools to keep in touch with our clients regularly, particularly those in other states.

During COVID-19 allot of clients that were previously hesitant of this method of communication have now been forced to adopt it and the feedback that we’ve been receiving is that they want to keep it that way going forward (they now have a sense of the lost hours travelling, stuck in traffic, looking for parking, etc….remember time is $$$$).

You’ll be working with your Accountant and Business Advisor regularly and you need to have the confidence to pick up the phone and call them regularly without feeling hesitant or that you feel like you are wasting their time.

Your Accountant should be your closest Advisor, the first person that comes to mind to call whenever you are unsure of something. If we dont know the answer (e.g. Legal, HR..) we’ll put you in touch with someone who does.

If you arent able to get in touch with your Advisor on the first try (lets face it, if we weren’t busy we wouldnt be in business) its because we are in regular contact with our clients, so if you dont get through the first time, send your Advisor an SMS/email (and mark it urgent if required) and we’ll ensure we (or another member of our team) gets back to you ASAP and within the day.

You want advice in plain and simple terms and we dont want to bamboozle you with Accounting lingo that you might not understand.

We’ll be straight to the point, offer pragmatic and commercial business advice.

We’re business owners and we only recruit the best to join our ranks. We know the challenges of being in business so you’re not just receving off the mill advice. We personalise it, apply it to your business and to your personal situation.

Everyone has a hobby or special interest that they love to invest their personal time into.

Not many know how to commercialise that hobby or to turn it into a revenue generating machine, that’s where we come in.

Get in touch with us and we’ll provide an objective and honest assessment on whether you can commercialise your hobby so that you can start a second income stream to buy that special house, boat, car or that dream holiday!

The first step is to get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation so that we can see if we are the right fit for eachother.

You’re looking for an Advisor that meets your requirements and that will be able to grow with you (and someone that you wont quickly outgrow), so its not something to rush into blindly.

Simply select the below link to book a call with us and we’ll take it from there!

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