The decisions you make at the start-up phase of your business are critical to fast-tracking your growth.


It is important to avoid getting stuck and held back by the tasks involved in your start-up which will cloud your vision and judgement.  Instead, devote your full focus and energy to fine tune your key product or service, find your niche and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

We provide cost effective start-up solutions that will allow you to focus on the exciting part of your start-up, i.e building your revenue and business while we complete the not so exciting aspects.


If you fail to plan you’re actually planning to fail!


Planning your start-up is about creating your roadmap to success. It includes testing the idea/concept’s feasibility, establishing a robust strategic plan, goal setting (both personal and business), forecasting (both budget and cash flow projections) and identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats.


The planning phase ensures that your start-up is well thought through, has a clear vision and will stop you from being sidetracked.


We are small business specialists and have significant experience assisting start-up’s across various industries. We deliver results, not just recommendations.  Contact us to find out how our start-up solutions can drive your idea to launch and beyond.

Business registrations

We are registered agents of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and can manage all the documentation and registrations requirements of your start-up.


We understand that personal privacy is important for certain start-ups (details appear on ASIC corporate registers available to the public), and particularly for foreign start-up’s entering Australia where there is no resident director present in Australia.  We can provide Registered Office and Resident Director services (subject to our internal assessment) to help protect your brand’s reputation, business interests, family and associates personal details.

Branding & Marketing

The primary focus with every start-up is to start generating revenue before running out of funds. The biggest driver of revenue is the visibility of your start-up.


The faster your brand becomes visible the closer is the possibility of your commercial success. It is only through branding and targeted marketing that your customers will learn of your existence.


Technology has provided opportunities to newer startups to join and competition is fierce across all industries. Effective marketing, branding and positioning will allow your start-up to reach its target customers.


Technology has been a game changer for our start-up’s.  It has saved considerable time, lowered costs, improved efficiency, increased revenue and has provided a better understanding of customers and their buying needs.


We are at the forefront of technology and digital disruption for start-up’s and it is important that you are too.  With technology advancements location should not be a barrier to your business or your success, just like it isn’t for us. We meet and work with small businesses all over the world using web conference and screen sharing technology, all you need to work with us is a smart device, laptop or PC with an internet connection.


When we talk about technology, we mean all your technology needs (communication, accounting, transnational, customers relationship management systems, project management systems etc).  Being a start-up, you need to be able to work from anywhere and everywhere. You need to be connected, organised and be able to work from home, the office, in-flight and whilst on holidays.  The good news is that working on the cloud is now more cost effective and secure for small businesses that it has ever been.

Risk management & Insurance

Strong risk management is an important source of competitive advantage.


Great entrepreneurs achieve success through keen awareness and management of risks.  We provide a disciplined approach to identifying and mitigating risks, and this discipline has often been the difference between failure and survival.


Risk management isn’t only about traditional risks (fire, theft, flood).  Its about managing Market risks, Financial risks, People risks, Competitive risks, Technology risks, Legal risks and Operational risks.


Our pragmatic risk management approach isn’t about trying to anticipate and mitigate every possible source of risk, its about minimising the most common risks and about developing a culture of remaining calm and rational in the event of unanticipated developments.

Cash flow forecasting

Cash flow forecasting is an integral aspect in ensuring every start-up is aware of how far their initial capital contribution will last. It will provide the foresight needed to implement strategies for potential cash flow shortfalls.


This tool promotes scenario analysis to occur prior to issues arising and allows management to consider alternative measures.


We understand it is difficult to predict something for which there is no historical data, however, it is vital to identify initial cash flow risks and when these are likely to occur.

Foreign start-ups

We understand the difficulties that foreign businesses have in making sense of Australian laws and regulations that are associated with a start-up.


We offer a range or services to Foreign companies who are looking to set up operations in Australia, and these range from handling the entire start-up phase and registration process to acting as Resident Directors, Registered Office and Company Power of Attorney’s.  This ensures that your Australian operations are ready in time for your country manager’s arrival.


Our start-up package

– Start-up planning

– Business registrations

– Branding & Marketing

– Technology setup

– Risk management & Insurance

– Strategy implementation

– Foreign start-ups

Our partnerships

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