Whether you are operating a small, medium-sized or large business, having access to a Virtual CFO for advice, guidance and reporting is critical to your success. At UPTURN™ we understand the importance of having access to timely and accurate financial information to drive your strategic goals which is why we offer a cost-effective Virtual CFO service.


UPTURN’s Virtual CFO’s

Our Virtual CFO service is at a fraction of the cost you would pay to employ a high calibre chief financial officer in your business and the value we bring will be one of the most important investments you can make.


The full time annual cost of a high achieving finance professional can be in excess of $150k p.a.! This is a significant expense for a small-medium business that may not require someone full time but still require the expertise of a dedicated and trusted finance professional.


Our finance specialists at UPTURN™ are qualified Chartered Accountants and Certified Practising Accountants who are growth-oriented and will manage all aspects of Financial Management and Strategy, without breaking the bank. We generally spend anywhere between a few days a week to one day a month working with our clients to achieve fantastic results and insights. We want to meet with our clients regularly to understand how the business is going and what the opportunities are for improvement.


Our Virtual CFO team have held senior positions within professional services, business services and in general financial management positions in various industries, which allows us to draw on our extensive experience when advising your business.


We consult to small to medium sized businesses including start-up organisations and family owned businesses – so we know what it takes.


Some of the benefits of UPTURN™ Virtual CFO and Financial Management Services are highlighted below:

Effective decision making

As a business owner, analysing your financial performance in a timely manner is imperative and allows you to make fast and effective decisions, either capitalise on an opportunity or make a change to stop further ‘bleeding.’


Analysing financial reports can be difficult for small business owners, especially if the reports are not timely, accurate or summarised effectively. Ill-informed decision making can lead to a potentially disaster. Compliance is important, but strong internal financial management allows for immediate analysis and/or action.


We have developed internal financial reporting frameworks for our clients based on the frequency they required. We have empowered our clients with accurate and timely financial information allowing them to perform the following:


  • Analyse different revenue streams
  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Financial ratio comparisons from prior year and budgeted figures
  • Trend analysis; actual versus budgeted performance, monthly and year to date
  • Calculation of debt/covenant ratios
  • Overview of cash balances and fluctuation
  • Trading analysis for product lines and locations
  • Variance analysis for line items in the profit and loss statement
Profit vs Cash flow

UPTURN’s Virtual CFO will explain the difference between profit and cash flow and will maintain a current short-term cash flow forecast to ensure there is always sufficient cash to fund business operations.


Profit on its own can be very misleading, and often it is insufficient cash flow which cripples businesses resulting in bankruptcy.


UPTURN’s Virtual CFO will also discuss any potential projects and other large investments which may have an impact on ongoing cash flow.

Going beyond the numbers

Our role is to interpret financial information and articulate this to our client’s stakeholders (CEO, owner, shareholders). We compare the results to the business strategies, present the findings in a timely, informative and concise manner. We will generate ideas to stimulate growth and revenue whilst presenting cost saving initiatives.


We help you understand your financial metrics. We discuss your historical figures but place our emphasis on where you want to be? We can analyse your budgeting model or develop one from scratch.


We will help you think about:


1. Does your business have more than one source of revenue? Are you reliant on one or two customers?

2. When are your slow business periods or peak periods of revenue? We will help you identify what you can do to capitalise on peak periods and increase revenue in the slow periods?

3. What are the sales targets, are they being achieved?

4. Is there regular financial reporting and are you confident the numbers are reliable?

Number crunching

Some business owners forget the old saying “what you put in is what you get out.” If you want to ensure you’re making decisions on the right numbers let us help.


We take the guess work out of managing the day-to-day account processing, payroll and accounting.


We work closely with our bookkeepers and in-house accountants to determine whether the information is processed correctly and ensure quality output in our reporting.


Getting the foundations right is often the first step for our clients.

Key Performance Indicator Reporting

UPTURN’s team will help determine the key performance indicators (“KPI”s) with the your business and then implement a system to measure and monitor those KPIs (and report on them!).


Often these KPI’s (generally 5-8 items) will be critical success factors for the business to succeed, hence the importance of monitoring them on a frequent basis.

Internal controls & policies

Understanding the importance of internal controls and simple systems in your business will set you apart from your competitors. How? No matter the size of your business, you will benefit from a more efficiently run business, better use of resources and less surprises to keep you up at night.

Some of our key services:

  • Management reporting
  • Trend analysis & reporting
  • Sales comparison reporting
  • Financial analysis & KPI’s
  • Cash flow management
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Compliance management
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Accounting & Administration
  • Financial and non-financial measurement