Let your passion become your competitive advantage

Let your passion become your competitive advantage

At one UPTURNof our recent workshops a business owner said how conveying their passion for their organisation and what they do was their approach to securing new business.

Whilst a passionate approach is certainly attractive and can help engage your audience and customers, what happens when your competitors are equally as passionate about what they have to offer?  That’s right, the one aspect of your approach that you thought would give you the edge is in fact expected and standard for your business to succeed.

A passion for your business and its products/services is something that people can rarely fake, because a true passion for it will come across in everything that a you say or do. It will keep you energised and motivated at the hardest of times.

Passion in itself is not going to win you customers business, but a lack of it may certainly be a reason for not securing business. It may get you noticed and remembered, but may not be all that is required to get your business across the line.

The missing link is clearly articulating how your products/services can add value to your customers and how it can achieve their needs. At this point it is important to be innovative in uses for your product/service and innovative in the way this is communicated to your customer.

For instance, consider Build-A-Bear Workshop.  They didn’t invent teddy bears, nor were they first to create the places that manufacture them. But they put an entirely new spin on the teddy bear business. They saw possibilities like no one else, that is, not only are they selling a product (the bear itself), but more importantly they are selling an experience (where customers undergo an interactive experience to customise their own bear).

Your passion may not be teddy bears, but the concept of innovation and its application certainly can apply to your business.


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